How to Create Your Reputation as “The Best In The World”

When I started with my client, Superstition Meadery, they had won a “Worlds Best Mead” contest six months before. Within a few months, I had created them as ‘World’s Best Mead.

Here is how I did it:

Winning a World’s Best Mead” wasn’t really a big deal because there are mead tastings and contests all over the world, so a new mead wins just about every week. 

But since they HAD won that, I put that link into every press release I sent out. At first.

Over the next four months, through hard work, creativity, and good PR practices, I had them in an average of three to four big traditional outlets per month in a short time, plus all the digital. That included ABC, Fox, USA Today, trade publications, and lots of local news. We then posted those on social. 

We never paid for a single newswire.

Here’s the thing – 

Eventually, I stopped putting that link in and just called them “Makers of The Worlds Best Mead”. 

I started using that as their tag line and pretty soon it stuck. 

Because I had sent that link out and gotten it placed into so many real publications, so many times. 

You see the mind connects certain phrases and this one eventually stuck with journalists after seeing it enough times.

This did take time and a lot of media – but it is doable.

Happy publicity!