A Creative, Compelling Story

All of us think we have something important to say. But the fact is, most of the time an announcement about a company is not that interesting to anyone except that company. Unless it is negative, but that is a different story. So How do I get my clients press?

I keep asking questions until I find something interesting.

You must ask yourself – why would anyone care? Why would anyone care to read this for five minutes?

You must make it compelling – a human interest story if possible. This can be hard when you are so close to your company. My clients are in some of the most competitive industries in the country – and honestly, they are not that different or interesting even.

But I find a way to spin their story to make it interesting.


If you are not a storyteller or a creative writer you may want to hire someone to write yours.

Other VERY important elements are:

A short and compelling headline.

Keep in mind that writers, journalists, and editors have hundreds of press releases come across their desk every day – what will make them open yours

110 words or less.

Correct Formatting. 

A good Picture. 

Happy Pitching!