Traditional PR and digital have many overlaps but also have distinctive differences. We practice both, here at Creating Buzz PR, which gives the most powerful punch and really is what marketing, branding, and promotion are all about.

First, it all starts with a plan. Without a specific campaign plan to promote your brand to the right audience you will simply be shooting in the dark. Next, you will want to have a compelling story and engagement plan for your brand.

Then you need the proper platforms/channels to get attention from journalists and influencers. These days you need a story plus engagement and interaction.

Then you need someone with the ability to reach the journalists and influencers right for you and the talent to pitch them in a way that shows them why they should give you attention.

This can be a lot – which is why most people and companies that try to do it themselves end up hiring someone in the long run. Keep in mind, you are building a name & image for yourself/company and it does not happen overnight.

The advantage of traditional PR is that it can get you more credibility and specific demographics because when a real journalist writes or speaks about you – it is much more powerful than a simple press release sent out through small digital outlets. AND it will still be online as most all traditional outlets have a digital presence now. It still raises your SEO.

Digital PR can raise your SEO because you have many, small outlets picking it up for one day or so with a backlink to you. It may raise your SEO faster, but not as powerfully. And your SEO can go right back down.

This is why we do both – they each have their place to market, promote, build your brand/image and business.