Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Content, or Social Media – Which one has the best ROI?

Neil Patel (the Online Marketing Guru) did a study on where your best ROI is when comparing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Content and Social media.
Here is what he found:
Most small to mid-size companies are spending most of their marketing dollars on Google and Facebook ads, which they like this because it is easy to scale and they can see immediate results.

But that is not the whole story…

Immediate ROI does NOT mean the best ROI,
because ads are expensive.

Did you know ads only have a 2.6% click-through rate?

When you compare costs to ROI – Neil says

Content is still king!
But what makes your content worthy to Google?

Content that has been in a respected publication is the king of kings!


So it turns out – PR is your best investment

Not only does PR tell your story, give you credibility, and is considered 10x better than an ad, in addition:
it can be re-posted it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your website, etc. etc. Used for promotions and sharing AND you can
add backlinks each time to your website.

All of this raises your Google ranking and moves you toward the top of the page.

So our articles get you immediate new business, credibility, branding, etc., etc. AND it does it over and over –
It is the gift that keeps on giving…